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    1. Hi Marija, both plans got almost the same features, the only one is the Promotions. in the free version you have to pay £1 to promote a listing but in the paid version you can promote it for free.

        1. Hi Ann, as a seller under our Supportive Plan the promotions are free. when you promote a listing, it will appear on the aviarto homepage, in the first search results of aviarto and we will also share it on our Instagram page (@aviarto). to use it you just have to click the ‘Promotion’ button beside the listing that you want to promote it.

          Note: the promotion will last for 5 days. during the promotion time, you can’t promote another listing.

  1. At the moment I am only shipping in the uk as costs to other countries price me out of the market, do you offer this alternative?

  2. So glad to have found this platform. Thank you! Would be lovely of there was an app for this too ?

  3. What happens if I’d like to accept PayPal and another vendor accepts ‘stripe’ but the customer has both our items in the cart?

    1. As a seller, you receive your earnings in the way how you’d like. On the ‘Request Payment’ page You have the right to choose your payment method (Stripe, PayPal or Bank transfer).

  4. This is fantastic as I’m struggling to get my feet off the ground just to make some kind of income add I can’t work, Thank you

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