UK 3D Flag with sound-sensitive LED effects – Wooden Handmade British Union Jack, Gift Idea

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The Union Jack is the world-renowned and appreciated national flag of the United Kingdom, also known as the Union Flag.

A little history… The flag combines a few national flag designs: the red cross of St. George – England, the white saltire of St. Andrew – Scotland and the red saltire of St. Patrick – Ireland. The design of the flag as we have it today was adopted on January 1, 1801 right after the Act of Union in 1800.

Our British flag is made from carefully selected and upscaled wood and has an interesting 3D look that will make your friends talk about it with their friends.
The best part is, it has a sound sensor that goes close to a sound source or just captures the ambiance sounds and it flashes the LED lights positioned nicely under the colored parts of the flag. The effect is really stunning, especially when the surrounding light is dimmed.
What’s also nice is that the variety is never-ending, as you can use it for all kind of music genres, play among friends and family with your own voices that synchronize with the light and up to even more fun with the flag flashing in the rhythm of a sport match commentary that will bring all the watchers from a pub into the edge of joy while they are cheering for a goal.

It is a great decoration for your home or office and an amazing present idea for any occasion.

It is made with love in the United Kingdom and it’s a great decoration for any englishman.

Size: 80 x 40 cm (±5 cm)
Weight: cca. 5-7kg

Main Colours red, blue, white
Dimensions 80x40 cm
Primary Material Used wood
Weight 5 kg
Gift for Him
Gift occasion Every occasion
Returns & exchanges Accepted - Exceptions may apply
Shipping Cost Within United Kingdom : £6
For delivery outside the United Kingdom, please contact the seller prior the ordering.
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 1 Business Day
Shipping from Abingdon, England, United Kingdom

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